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Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

We are looking for a senior software engineer who is based in New York City and is open to a hybrid work environment $120K to $220K) .

Technical requirements:

- Proficiency in all of the following: 

  • Typescript
  • Next.js
  • React
  • GraphQL

We require also proficiency in the native languages of various blockchains 

  • Solidity
  • Rust
  • Move

What you’ll do:

  1.     Work at the forefront of token distribution technology at the infrastructure level, solving edge cases around token distribution, writing smart contracts for tokens worth millions of dollars
  2.     Build polished user experiences and applications
  3.     Where appropriate, ensure code modularity in the code written by the team through peer code reviews, to increase our team’s velocity and make our code infrastructure more scalable
  4.     Write tests to make sure that things work when we ship them. If our users can’t use the app, they can’t get paid!

Ideal candidates should be:

  • Experienced in working with data-intensive applications, or apps used by tens of thousands of users
  • Comfortable working in sprint cycles and willing to bite the bullet when critical issues pop up
  • Experience in DevOps, infrastructure, or data analytics experience
  • Experience Interfacing with smart contracts and blockchain via libraries (any blockchain).
  • Experience in working on Applications where security and integrity are extremely important (finance, fintech, government, etc.)
  • With a Minimum of at least 3+ years working as a software engineer at high-growth startups or big tech (freelance work doesn't count)
  • Based in New York City and open to a hybrid work environment

How to Apply Now

To apply, the interested candidate may submit his/her updated English resume to the email address: careers [ at ] by clicking the "apply now" button below.