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Domain Name registration

At Somoso Hosting, we do not simply offer domain names. We provide outstanding domain management services. Additionally we supply an affordable domain along with any of our cloud hosting plans.

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Web hosting Plans

We have made use of the latest cloud server technology when constructing our own web hosting system, which is invulnerable to occasional service disruptions and outages. All the services associated with your site like DNSs, email messages, databases, web applications, etcetera are run on different hosting servers so that even if there’s an overload issue, your website will still be running hassle–free. Select your preferred Web hosting plan - Web Hosting Plans with a 30-Day Free Trial

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VPS Servers

Boost your web site’s general performance with our SSD–based VPS’s. Each and every of the Virtual Servers given by Somoso Hosting is loaded with SSD drives rather than typical HDDs. Obtaining solid–state drives on your virtual machine could be a good asset for your web pages. SSDs offer much better reading/writing rates and additionally support quicker file access. This basically signifies that every little thing on your web server will function more quickly, including all your websites and applications.

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Dedicated Web Hosting Plans

Dedicated servers built to take your web site one step further. Offering a fabulous mixture of reliable hardware and secure software, the dedicated servers on offer at Somoso Hosting are exactly what your website needs. Take advantage of 1 free dedicated IP, a free web hosting Control Panel, 24–7 tech support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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