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Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer - Hybrid San Francisco, CA

  • Salary: $180,000.00 - $250,000.00 per year
  • Work Location: Hybrid remote in South San Francisco, CA 94080
  • Job Type: Full-time

Our Machine Learning /AI Team is looking for a skilled ML/AI Engineer

As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will work within the Machine Learning/AI team to build a system that provides reliable identification and fraud prevention using biometric data, while requiring minimal user interaction. The team's technology involves the use of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms deployed on custom hardware to achieve high-quality image acquisition and recognition.

The role involves

  • Developing computer vision models
  • Integrating them into the hardware device
  • Continuously improving the model's performance.

Responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with hardware, orb firmware, and data collection teams to design workflows for collecting training data Building custom data labeling services to improve training data quality
  • Setting up and training neural networks for tasks such as localization or semantic segmentation
  • Designing techniques to analyze engine performance, identify weaknesses and improve them
  • Ensuring biometric engine performs equally well across different demographics
  • Implementing visualization tools and monitoring systems for tracking imaging performance, data drift, and edge case robustness
  • Conducting research on iris recognition and measuring reaction times of pupil contraction.

The ideal candidate

  • Should have industry experience or a Ph.D. in computer vision applications with deep learning,
  • With a good understanding of image processing and analysis methods.
  • Expertise in Python and deep learning libraries (e.g. Pytorch/Tensorflow)
  • Have an eye for detail, and be well-versed with the latest advances in deep learning for computer vision.
  • Bonus qualifications include familiarity with Rust, and experience with MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and AWS.

How to Apply Now

To apply, the interested candidate may submit his/her updated English resume  to the email address: careers [ at ] by clicking the "apply now" button below.